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The BLISS      $70 

~ 60 min Relaxation Massage

Relax & unwind with soft music and soothing touch that will assist in the re-alignment of YOU

The GRAND BLISS      $85 

~ 75 min Massage Package 

Elevate your bliss!  Personalize your massage with relaxation and deeper tissue massage along with

essential oils, steam towel foot massage, hot stones &

scalp massage. 

~ FLOW     $120

Honor your Self Care with a  traditional Rus​sian Sauna including brooms & salt scrub complimented by a traditional Turkish soap scrub & follow your 60 min steam session with a 30 minute massage


RESTorative THERAPY      $75

~ 60 min Deep Tissue 

Release pain, improve range of motion & flexibility with the use of cupping, TENS and heat in the recovery of a better you

REIKI      $60  

~60 min session

Gently embracing you on your own spiritual path, Reiki will provide you insight on your journey while healing your body & soul

Choose : 

Traditional Reiki 

Soul Healing Reiki

Vibrational Energy & Crystal Reiki


Join us in our small group meditations & Reiki shares.

We welcome all levels of meditators in our group and share guided, silent & sound meditations throughout the year.  

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