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Meditation Station

A Place to Call OM

Vibe With Your Tribe

Meditation Group

Meditation Station hosts a monthly meditation group where we


You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes but bolsters and cushions are provided at the studio.

Meditations are posted a month in advance and vary from guided meditations to sound baths of spiritual energy to balance and uplift you. Reiki is offered as part of the practice and is always there should you wish to receive it.

A better sense of balance can be obtained with our unique flow of feminine and masculine leadership.

Sessions include readings, tea as well as conversation. ALL ARE WELCOME

Meditation Classes

Learn the sacred art of meditation.

There are many paths up the mountain but the main goal is just to arrive. You can get there any way possible but our meditation classes are designed to explore different paths so that you can find the one that works for you.

With comfort and ease you will become proficient in your own meditation practice and not only enjoy meditating but it will become as natural as breathing.

Classes are available for youth as well as adult and are designed for those who have not yet mastered the art of their own spiritual practice.

The World of Meditation

Meditation Station hosts "Vibe with your Tribe"

Meditations around the city & around the world. We will keep you posted on our 2021 Vibe with your Tribe meditation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico September 2021

Spring 2020 will be the start of our outdoor "grounding with the earth" and as always ALL ARE WELCOME

About Us:

William McKay, owner of Wellness Guru, is a licensed Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher as well as an advanced Ho'oponono practitioner specializing in massage, Reiki as well as Ho'oponopono and Vibrational Energy Therapy. William has a deep appreciation for the healing energy of meditation and is passionate about sharing his experience with others. Under his “Meditation Station” he teaches adult and youth meditation techniques that make it possible for anyone to perfect the art of a self meditation practice.

William would like to meet you on your own Spiritual Path and journey with you toward OM.

~ Sat Nam ~

Kimberly Hurst, owner of Blue Feather Holistic Spa is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Consultant and Angel Card Reader. Kimberly’s path has led her on a journey of self-discovery, Spiritual and Emotional healing and she is eager to share her experience with others. Over the years of Kimberly’s meditation practice she has learned to incorporate Crystals and Aromatherapy to elevate her own level of healing.

Join Kimberly on your journey as the Angels and Guides speak to you and gently guide you on your path toward Enlightenment.

~ Sat Chit Anand ~

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